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#1 2020-07-18 14:49:29

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Back in the day

OK, I will shut up at some point but for now, I have this.
Calling all those people who remember what it was like growing up in the seventies.
When I was going through puberty, I realised that inside I had all these feminine thoughts.All I knew was that I wanted to be a girl. I was at senior school and felt slightly envious of the girls wearing skirts.
But who could I talk to about it?
Just remember,there was no such thing as social media, you couldn't go online to find out if there was other people like you.
Talking to my parents was out of the question and any mates i had ,well no way
You have to remember that being gay had only been legal for a few years.
Sitting in the bathroom with the door locked wearing my mum's panties bra and tights felt so good but so wrong.
That's what I remember from those days.

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#2 2020-08-12 04:41:52

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Re: Back in the day

Yes it was a different time, also through the 80s.


#3 2021-10-20 18:35:17

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Re: Back in the day

In the 60's and 70's - I remember reading and hearing about a few Transgendered or Transsexual people.  Such a forbidden subject and I wished to be one of those people.  I believed if I just used my mind I could grow breasts.  But I did not.  The science of change is so much better now.  If I had just known and was able back then; I would be a woman today. Now just too much baggage - but I am fairly passable, still a male, but most think I am a woman.  I like this place. sad  smile


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