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Chat with shemales, transsexuals and ladyboys from Delaware in our free shemale, ladyboy and transsexual chat rooms. We strive to be totally inclusive. We welcome shemales, ladyboys, MtF, FtM, pre-op, post-op, non-op, transgender, transsexuals, crossdressers, transvestites, intersex, androgynous, gender fluid, gender queer, genetic males, genetic females, significant others and trans community friends. It is easy to start chatting with others in your shemale & ladyboy community members from Delaware. Click the "Enter Chat Rooms" button to create a free shemale chat profile and start chatting now. Not from Delaware? All transgender chat profiles are easily searchable no matter where you are. With 36 chatting in the shemale chat rooms and with 349 ladyboy community members online you are sure to find fun transsexual friends to chat with. Join us in the free shemale Delaware chat rooms and start connecting.

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Shemale Chatters in Delaware

ShawnaSummersDE's Chat & Dating Profile
Wilmington, Delaware, US
I'm a married crossdresser. Yes, my wife knows, and we've talked about it. She's not entirely comfortable with it but is getting more accepting. I'm taking things a step at a time, and hoping to dress more, and hopefully go out! I tried shoving Shawna back into the closet, but one thing I keep finding about CDing, no matter how much you try to shove it into the closet, it seems to keep coming back out (I think its all the shoes on the closet floor, but that could just be me). So, I'm back, I'm not on here a lot, but I will usually respond to comments, and always love hearing from other girls. I'm also big into kinks with fetish wear and BDSM being the big ones. If anyone is in a relationship like that, or would like to talk about it, drop me a line. Also, please don't just send me a friend request. I'm not really interested in gathering a collection of 'friends' that I never talk to. I do hope everyone finds whatever it is you're looking for. Another update: I've been writing sissy fiction for some time now and its posted on Literotica, Fictionmania and Gromet's Plaza. Please note these are heavy on kink, BDSM and sex, so be warned. I'm towards the bottom, under 'S' I've also got a number of songs I've made that are supposed to be a background theme. They're on SoundCloud at: hugs Shawna
DagNabbit's Chat & Dating Profile
Wilmington, Delaware, US
I started out as an admirer, but somehow along the way got caught up in dressing. More of a hobby than a lifestyle in my case - not passable and very apprehensive about going out in public.
Muffinkiller's Chat & Dating Profile
Delmar, Delaware, US
I want to f all night baby and shoot my c inside you
HornE's Chat & Dating Profile
Delaware City, Delaware, US
Fun guy Looking to find a local friend to chat and hang with Average guy, but I stand out ?
stephloveplug's Chat & Dating Profile
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, US
N.A. Gone 4 the last GD time I am 49,, this is crazzy I keep entering the info it dont register..
diamante's Chat & Dating Profile
Bear, Delaware, US
Just want to chat
Stephen35's Chat & Dating Profile
Felton, Delaware, US
New here and just have questions
Atrueleothelion's Chat & Dating Profile
Newark, Delaware, US
I,m African American and also part American Indian seventy seven years old looking to try something else I,ve seen movies about shemales and been thinking a blowjob from her then going in her ass
Becki331's Chat & Dating Profile
Wilmington, Delaware, US
Hi, I'm a cross dresser that loves to dress sexily, some call me "sassy", Of course i love heels, make-up and all things femme and especially gloves... the longer the better. I do go out occasionally. Love to chat.
steverinde's Chat & Dating Profile
Newark, Delaware, US
Tall and fit easy going with blonde hair and blue eyes seeking.
Robin0727's Chat & Dating Profile
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, US
Just looking to chat and meet like minded people. Compare notes
GinaDLG's Chat & Dating Profile
Wilmington, Delaware, US
Hi. I'm back from being away for a number of years. Some of you may remember me when I used to go by the name of Cynthia. I still go by Cynthia to my older friends or when I'm in everyday girl mode. I'm trying to experience one of my lifelong dreams of becoming a drag queen. While I haven't yet performed, I have been working on my new drag persona, hence my new name Gina. My only regret is not doing it sooner.
naughtypaige's Chat & Dating Profile
Newark, Delaware, US
looking to meet new people :-) please say hello :-) naughtypaige @ yahoo messenger
AnnMarie535's Chat & Dating Profile
Delaware, US
Presently a P/T T-Girl but have decided that i want to be F/T woman. Looking for the right man or woman to transform me completely and utterly.
Laurie's Chat & Dating Profile
Brookside, Delaware, US
Mature tgirl who loves everything feminine. Do you, like me, enjoy love long wavy hair, elegantly painted nails, the intoxicating aroma of perfume, the clicking of high heels, the smooth swishing of stockings, flowing sexy dresses, and the multitude of all those little things that make a woman a woman? If so let’s chat and share our hopes, passions, desires and dreams.
Relaxedguy's Chat & Dating Profile
Dover, Delaware, US
Been searching for a high quality website where I can meet sane, high quality women to talk to, get to know, and eventually meet. 100% of the sites I've visited so far are horrible. Here's hoping?
Sheila's Chat & Dating Profile
Newark, Delaware, US
I have been a transvestite most of my life. My wife was shocked at first but soon came to accept my secret .She helped me with my make-up and clothing We would share the black men she brought home with me. She's gone now, but I still lust for black men.
Amirblack1228's Chat & Dating Profile
Bear, Delaware, US
Never been with tranny but want to

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